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 About Nicole Gagner

I am a visual artist inspired by texture, saturated color, unique plays of light

and form,and (perhaps most importantly) my grandmothers pickles. 


I work primarily in oil paint, and an expressive hand is characteristic of my art.

In paint this translates to loose, flowy brushwork and a textural interplay of colors. 


I enjoy photography and drawing, though I use both more as a way to sketch

out ideas and study subjects for paintings. Still, both have a place.  I am also a second hand enthusiast, and love to use discarded treasures for mixed media and sculptural pieces.


I am currently living and working in Bismarck, North Dakota.


I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new places, people and things to paint,

new friends to look at art with, or to drink coffee with while we talk about art. Or pickles. 

So give me a holler!

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