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Hi Mom, I started a blog: Adventures in oil painting and musings on life.....

If you are reading this, let me first say: I am excited, and I am sorry! Please excuse the mess. There are big changes happening, and I realized I should probably start documenting them all- even if only for myself! I am not going to make any crazy commitments or declarations (yet) except to say: I am starting a blog, it will be about art and paint and anything else I find inspiring, and I will try my very hardest to keep it up to date and informative. This will be the place to find out what is going on, if you feel so inclined.

So without further ado, the biggest change as of late would have to be the loaner studio!

A fabulous local business person is generously letting me use an un-renovated and (as of now) unrented space. Basically, I am squatting with permission- and I could not be more excited. Of course, I will eventually need to vacate so that the owner can collect rent, but that just gives me more incentive to get into the studio and paint every chance I get.

As you can see, I have no shortage of subjects just outside my window. It has been fun to paint "plein air" but without any of the hassles of actually being out in the air. I still have my french easel in case I get the itch for a new view, but this will do for now.

I haven't only been doing landscapes, of course. Lots of updates and new work to be posted soon. I am also working on getting a newsletter together for anyone who is interested in hearing about events I am participating in or anything else that is going on with Nicole Gagner Fine Art Inc. LLC. Kidding about being an incorporated business, obviously. But stay tuned to see what I am working on, and thanks for stopping by!

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