Pocket Sized Landscapes- Small Paintings on Driftwood and Mini Art House Wooden Blocks

If you are an art collector of any level, from avid even to casual, you might be running out of wall space. It is a both wonderful and awful problem at the same time. So, Mini Art to the rescue! Don't leave any bookshelves or end tables sad and artless! I now have small art available in both the BDAC and BAGA gift shops, and will bring a stash of mini paintings and small art to be available for sale at the local art events I attend as the weather warms up. Can't wait! But don't worry, if you can't shop local I plan on keeping them in stock on my Etsy shop (painternicole.etsy.com) as well. All miniature paintings have been painted with care and are inspired by either the view of the sky fro

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