Update: Northern Plains Ethnic Festival

Hi Internets! So back in August my Plein Air painting group gave me the opportunity to attend the Northern Plains Ethnic Festival in Dickinson, and set up and painted among the crowds for a while. It was an amazing event (even if I arrived an hour early because Dickinson isn't in central time, but that's another story). Regardless, I set up beneath a pine tree at the Prairie Outpost Park, and while the oom-pah of German music was ringing out, I did a couple paintings I'm pretty proud of. There was as beautiful antique windmill nearby and I had a great skinny canvas ready and I painted this: My sister lives out in the county, and has a windmill, and when she saw this said "that looks like my

Finally updated! Turtle River State Park part 2

Is it already October? Summer always seems to go by too quickly. Between my residency at Turtle River State Park, the Plein Air painting group I'm lucky to be a part of, gardening (and canning all the resulting goodies) fall has snuck up on me. I promised a while ago that I'd post the oil paintings I did at my residency at Turtle River State Park, so better late than never - here they are! As part of my residency, I donated one painting to the state park to be part of their permanent collection. It's such an honor to have my work on display where the inspiration struck me. It was a challenge to pick out the piece I thought best represented my residency, but I ended up choosing this one. It w

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