Etsy Update: Lots of new items!

I've been talking about it forever, but I finally got around to it - I added a bunch of new stuff to my etsy shop. Here's just a couple of the new things that went up: First, some landscape birdhouses. I like painting on found objects, and i found some neat birdhouses that needed a little color. I'm not sure if a bird could fit in there, but what a stylish bird! I'd envision these more as art to display around the house, but you do you! Second, I have some new driftwood necklaces available. They're on hemp cord and I think they look great with any outfit. They've been available locally at the art coop here, but I'm happy that they're now available everywhere! Next, I'm sure you've seen my dr

Duckfest 2016!

I'm the first to admit that I'm always playing catch-up. While I'm usually a little bit behind, this one is way behind. I'm talking about last October. Last fall I was invited to Duckfest in Bowdon, ND to do a live artist demo. Duckfest is a great event that brings together artists, hunters, farmers, and... well everyone i guess. There's fun, food, and a really high-quality art show. I was in the library at the high school (an amazing project, considering that it was entirely community funded), and over the course of the day I did a few paintings. It was October, and the harvest was finishing up. Accordingly, my subjects for my paintings were some garden produce I'd pickled over the past few

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