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Reflecting on 30 paintings in 30 days for January 2016

Now that the 31st is here, I have a chance to take a breath and reflect. Yes- I still have a painting on the easel. And another one leaning against it begging to be revisited- and it will happen. Eventually. After another few cups of coffee and few really long walks with the dog while we are still getting some rare January sun.

I had a lot of fun this January, and even shared a few little progress shots as I went:

Overall, it was a great experience holding myself to getting in the studio every day, but also letting myself feel free to be extremely experimental and loose! I had decided in advance to only work in water media, so that really opened the door to play around and try things outside of my comfort zone. That is always a good thing!

Moving into February, my focus will be artsy housekeeping- getting the things that are available for purchase listed online, etc. It isn't my favorite "artist job"- maybe that is why I picked a short month? They are all good jobs though, I really can't complain. So be on the lookout for m0re updates on that coming soon- and a lot more updates on all of the other fun ways I am keeping myself busy!

But for now, check out the gallery below- a round up of all the pieces created for January! Some pieces are still available for purchase, so shoot me a message if you have a question about anything specific.

Thanks so much for looking- I hope your 2016 is getting off to a great start!


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