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Turtle River State Park Residency Part 1: The Acrylic Paintings

I'm back home after my week-long residency at Turtle River State Park, and it was amazing!

In this part 1 post, I'll be sharing all my acrylic paintings (the oils haven't quite dried yet, but they should be posted next week).

Big thanks to all the staff at Turtle River State Park, the ND Council on the arts and the ND Parks department for making this residency possible.

When the oils are all dried and framed I'll be listing everything on Etsy, and running a sale via coupon code, so if you've been waiting to pick something up that'll be your chance!

First, Turtle River State Park is a truly amazing place. In the Eastern portion of North Dakota, Turtle River State Park is a beautiful and unusual landscape. There's rolling hills carved by rivers, dense stands of trees - burr oak, green ash, plenty of cottonwoods, dogwoods and a smattering of spruces.

If only there were fewer mosquitoes, but I was happy to donate some blood in exchange for this amazing residency! Stay tuned for part 2 next week to see all the oils I painted. And don't forget about that coupon code if you see something you like!

#pleinair #acrylicpainting #landscape

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