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Update: Northern Plains Ethnic Festival

Hi Internets!

So back in August my Plein Air painting group gave me the opportunity to attend the Northern Plains Ethnic Festival in Dickinson, and set up and painted among the crowds for a while. It was an amazing event (even if I arrived an hour early because Dickinson isn't in central time, but that's another story).

Regardless, I set up beneath a pine tree at the Prairie Outpost Park, and while the oom-pah of German music was ringing out, I did a couple paintings I'm pretty proud of. There was as beautiful antique windmill nearby and I had a great skinny canvas ready and I painted this:

My sister lives out in the county, and has a windmill, and when she saw this said "that looks like my windmill!" Maybe all windmills look the same? Regardless, I'm proud of this painting. It captures the great light of that August morning. It's currently on display at BDAC in Bismarck, and if it doesn't sell (or my sister doesn't buy it), I'll post it on Etsy soon.

The next painting I did is one of my favorites I did all summer. A lone stand of elm trees was nearby and it was striking. I painted it and was very happy with how it turned out.

The sky was great that morning, and I hope that's shown in this painting. I'm really happy with how the energetic under painting is fighting with the calm subject matter.

This painting was exhibited at the Bismarck Arts and Gallery Association fall show where it won a juror's choice award, and I couldn't be more proud. This painting is on Etsy now if you're in the market for a new painting (here's the etsy link) and you can use the coupon code IREADTHEBLOG to get 15% off anything on my etsy. I know my Fiance will be a bit disappointed if this painting sells - it's one of his favorites. But worst case scenario I'll have to go out into nature and paint another one.

Go Team Art!


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