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Etsy Update: Lots of new items!

I've been talking about it forever, but I finally got around to it - I added a bunch of new stuff to my etsy shop.

Here's just a couple of the new things that went up:

First, some landscape birdhouses. I like painting on found objects, and i found some neat birdhouses that needed a little color. I'm not sure if a bird could fit in there, but what a stylish bird! I'd envision these more as art to display around the house, but you do you!

Second, I have some new driftwood necklaces available. They're on hemp cord and I think they look great with any outfit. They've been available locally at the art coop here, but I'm happy that they're now available everywhere!

Next, I'm sure you've seen my driftwood landscapes. I'm kind of obsessed with them (also look for them in any art-o-mat machines). I tried out something new and added magnets to them, so now you can stick 'em on your fridge, or in this case, a tray.

Finally, I've been doing a lot of watercolors and I've got too many! So I'm offering a mystery grab bag of three watercolors. It's cheap, it's original art, and it'll be a surprise. I hope you like what you get!

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