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Abstract Collage

Did you have fun playing with improvised watercolors last week? If you did and you got carried away and don't know what to do with all of those experiments, then I recommend that you use them for collage! Here's the video of the process, but feel free to keep reading for more detailed instructions

I tend to hang on to almost every scrap of painted paper (artist problems!) but it tends to come in handy! So in today's video I will walk you through a very relaxing process of making abstract art that can be later used for your own beautiful collage paper!

If you end up making an abstract masterpiece you OF COURSE don't have to rip it up and turn it into collage paper- but sometimes it is nice to take off the "End Product" goal and just free yourself up to play around with materials and color and see what happens! I like to start with a few big marks and then fill in with colors and patterns, but play around with your materials and see where they lead you!

After your abstract drawings are complete, I like to add more collage papers from different sources. So gather a variety of papers and start ripping!

For more direction, consult this document:

There is really no right or wrong in this process. Your collage can be landscape inspired like ours were, or not! Let your paper dictate what your end work wants to be, and have fun with it!

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