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Give Thanks for Everything- and Coloring Sheets!

Hello All! I don't need to tell anyone that the holidays are looking different this year.

Whether you are celebrating with your household, your bubble or alone I know we are all running low on things to do- there are only so many puzzles in the world right? So I present to you a brand new collection of fun little thanksgiving and fall themed coloring sheets. They were lots of fun to draw so if I hear that others enjoy coloring them as much as I enjoyed drawing them, I would LOVE to do more holiday themed drawings- or even just some generic "let's take our mind off things" drawings!

I hope you have fun and find something to feel thankful for;. If you enjoy these please let me know, I would love to see how you completed them!

I have made the coloring sheets free to download and use as you will, so please enjoy!


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