July 16, 2016

I'm happy to announce that in a few short weeks I'll be undertaking a week-long residency at Turtle River State Park, just outside Grand Forks, ND. Thanks to North Dakota Parks and Recreation and the North Dakota council on the arts I have the opportunity to spend a week in a cabin and use the entire Turtle River State Park as inspiration for some new paintings!

At the end of the residency, I'll be hosting some free events for the community and donating a piece of art to the State Park. Specifically, on Saturday, August 5th, I'll be hosting an art journaling event from 1-3 pm at the CCC Memorial Shelter. This event will be fun for both kids and adults, and will focus on using all sorts of different pigments and inks to create fun color...

May 30, 2016

There are a lot of exciting art events coming up, both on the local and national stage, so I thought I would take a second here to share a few things I am really excited about.


First, I am delighted to report that I am participating in the Rochester Contemporary Art Center's annual 6x6 show!

 The preview period runs through June 4th, when bidding is open to the local public, with global purchasing available after June 10th. At only $20 for each piece of art the event is a great chance to snatch up some great art and support a very fun event! 

In other news, if you are in my neck of the woods we have lots of great art events in the Bismarck area as well. On June 3rd Bismarck Downtown Art CoOp will have a great showing of three g...

April 28, 2016

There are a few art events coming up in the Bismarck area, and I know I am excited about them- so I thought I should share!


Tomorrow the library foundation will be presenting the Art of Books event featuring art inspired by literature. Since it is a fundraiser for the public library, tickets are $15. What a bargain- support a great cause, eat and drink tasty things and look at great art!

In case you aren't able to attend, I do have a preview of the piece I contributed. It is titled "Paris was cold and clear and lovely" after a line from Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, but I have joked that it could have just as easily been titled after another of my favorite lines from the same novel: "Never travel with anyone you don't love."

I read A Mov...

March 27, 2016

If you are an art collector of any level, from avid even to casual, you might be running out of wall space.  It is a both  wonderful and awful problem at the same time. So, Mini Art to the rescue! Don't leave any bookshelves or end tables sad and artless! 

I now have small art available in both the BDAC and BAGA gift shops, and will bring a stash of mini paintings and small art to be available for sale at the local art events I attend as the weather warms up. Can't wait! But don't worry, if you can't shop local I plan on keeping them in stock on my Etsy shop (painternicole.etsy.com) as well.


 All miniature paintings have been painted with care and are inspired by either the view of the sky from my studio window,...

February 1, 2016

Now that the 31st is here, I have a chance to take a breath and reflect. Yes- I still have a painting on the easel. And another one leaning against it begging to be revisited- and it will happen. Eventually. After another few cups of coffee and few really long walks with the dog while we are still getting some rare January sun.


I had a lot of fun this January, and even shared a few little progress shots as I went:

Overall, it was a great experience holding myself to getting in the studio every day, but also letting myself feel free to be extremely experimental and loose! I had decided in advance to only work in water media, so that really opened the door to play around and try things outside of my comfort zone. That is always a good thi...

January 11, 2016


 If you have any hard to shop for members of your family, I have a reccomendation. Have a piece of art commisioned- featuring their pride and joy! Any avid camper would love to stare at their teardrop or their airstream as they wait for summer to return, right? Now you can make that happen with a custom camper watercolor!  Check out my Etsy page for more details- or message me if you have any questions!


No campers in your family? No problem! I also have a love of preserving food and family recipes- and I know that is a passion I am not alone in! So if you would like to collaborate to preserve a family secret recipe for all to see (without giving away the secret!) then I am here to help! If you have always thought that g...

January 6, 2016

I am SO happy to announce that  I have OFFICIALLY been added to the artist in residence teaching roster for the North Dakota Council on the Arts!  This is a huge honor- and as much as I am over the moon about the idea of being able to share my love of art with the school children of North Dakota, it is also exciting to be involved with such a forward thinking program! So much science is finally coming out supporting what so many artists and teachers already knew- art is really important! Being exposed to music, dance, and the visual arts all open up our brains to soak up information in ways that will enrich our lives for as long as we live- so lets get those kiddos started young!

Anyhow, now you know what that headshot was for!



January 2, 2016

As I mentioned yesterday, we are nearing the end of the vegetables that we pickled ourselves. I might make some pickled eggs in the future or another home preserved food that might lend itself as a photogenic subject matter (we are big kimchi lovers in this house!), but for now I decided to go with a good old fashioned pantry raid. May I present to you: the humble sardine can.

 There is something appealing about a well stocked pantry. It is one of my personal goals to have more and more things that are filling that pantry to be things that we have canned or pickled ourselves- but I will be the first to admit that there are a large number of things that aren't available fresh locally, whether it is due to weather or just my state's very...

January 1, 2016

 Happy 2016! I can't believe we are already saying that- but here it is!! 2015 was filled with a lot of amazing ups and downs and twists and turns- and it looks like 2016 will bring more excitement and adventures. To which I say, bring it on!! 


To wrap up 2015 I created a collage on my instagram page with a few highlights of what has been keeping me busy over the last year. To be fair, I probably should have made a collage of my dog to accompany the painting shots, since she really is the other half of my instagram. Hey, everyone needs a muse, right?

So to kick things off in a creative and mindful way, I have decided to participate in the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge for January. I will be working on a very large scale in oils...

November 29, 2015


One thing an artist always has to think about as they establish themselves is whether they will take commissions and how to handle the entire process to ensure that it is the most positive experience for both the artist and the art patron. It is not an easy question to answer, and those are waters that I am still navigating, honestly! It is a challenging process, but I am incredibly excited by collective collaborative processes. I love helping people bring an idea to light! 


So with that said, I have decided to offer limited openings to take commisions, starting in 2016!  This has been a busy year and it just was not in the cards to offer commisions that would be ready in time for the holidays, sadly.  Next year! However, if you would...

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